Sorority House Massacre

October 17, 2012 at 1:54 am (6 Heads, Sorority House Massacre) (, , , )

Sorority House Massacre – 1986 – United States

Nightmares haunt an amnesiac girl after she moves into a sorority house. Legend claims the house once hosted a brutal mass murder where a man knifed his parents and younger sisters (possibly referencing Ronald Defoe Jr. of Amityville fame). The amnesiac was the sole surviving sister—the memory of which she deeply repressed. Even stranger, she shares a psychic connection with her murderous institutionalized brother, through which he terrorizes her with his bloody fantasies. Soon enough, the brother escapes the institution, rushing to the sorority house for some inevitable stabbing. Suddenly, Sorority House Massacre becomes much more like Halloween (1978).

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