The Brainiac (El barón del terror)

October 27, 2015 at 2:31 am (3 Heads, Brainiac, The) (, , , , )

The Brainiac – 1962 – Mexico

Mexico City 1661, a sorcerous baron is burned alive by the Inquisition. As a comet flies past, he curses those who condemned him. When the comet returns in three hundred years, the baron will have his revenge. In 1961, the comet lands in Mexico City. The baron steps out to begin a murderous campaign on the inquisitors’ descendents. He uses magic to turn invisible and hypnotically seduce ladies. Also, for some reason, he transforms into a hairy bat-like monster with a bulging head. With his forked prehensile tongue, he drills through his victims’ skulls and sucks out their brains.

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