The Invisible Ghost

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The Invisible Ghost – 1941 – United States

A rich man is deranged by grief after his wife runs off with another lover. Years later, the rich man still loves her deeply, but seeing her face induces a homicidal trance. His wife is even crazier. Unbeknownst to him, she lives in the cellar below his manor, only leaving to shamble dazedly about the grounds. Each time the rich man spots her eerie figure, he becomes possessed, unwittingly strangling one of his servants. The murders perpetuate for years. Eventually, a young man is erroneously convicted of the killings and sentenced to death. His twin brother (played by the same actor) visits the manor to seek justice. The rich man is ultimately exposed as the murderer. In the stirring climax, he is stunned with guilt by the revelation of his unconscious crimes. Peacefully, he submits to the police.

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