Project A-ko

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Project A-ko – 1986 – Japan

Project A-ko’s opening replicates the premise of the anime series Macross (1982). An alien spaceship crashes into the futuristic Graviton City, turning it to a crater. A decade later, the city is rebuilt as a sprawling suburban utopia. All of this is mostly unrelated to Project A-ko’s plot.

At Graviton High, schoolgirls A-ko and B-ko fight over the friendship of another girl named C-ko. A-ko is a girl with inexplicable superhuman strength. B-ko is an evil genius who builds giant robots. And C-ko might be an alien princess. A-ko and B-ko battle each other with martial arts and sci-fi weapons. Meanwhile, aliens invade and unleash a horde of spaceships and spider robots. A massive battle ensues. A-ko and B-ko must rescue C-ko and brawl their way out.

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