Vaastu Shastra

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Vaastu Shastra – 2004 – India

A young family moves into a new house. The beautiful modern mansion is their “dream home” at a “dream price”. They should have known that any house selling for way below market value is certainly haunted. Upon moving in, Rohan (a toddler) begins talking to imaginary friends. He develops an obsession with a dead banyan tree in the yard, which looks like a gnarly skeletal hand and is definitely evil. Rohan’s family assumes he is just having trouble adjusting. His nanny and aunt die mysteriously before anyone takes him seriously. Eventually, the ghosts kill everyone but Rohan and his mom. Trying to flee the specters, Mom wrecks her car into the evil tree. The car and tree explode in a massive fireball. With the tree obliterated, the ghosts are consumed by magical fire.

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