The Witches’ Mountain

February 5, 2017 at 10:36 pm (3 Heads, Witches' Mountain) (, )

The Witches’ Mountain – 1975 – Spain

In the first scene of The Witches’ Mountain, a woman returns to her house and discovers something amiss. One of her wigs has been cut up, a doll has been impaled, and her cat has been killed. It’s the work of a little girl (maybe the woman’s daughter) and her pet snake. The woman then lights the bratty girl on fire. This scene is mostly unrelated to the rest of the film.

A photographer breaks up with his girlfriend (the woman in the first scene) and takes a trip to the mountains where he meets a beautiful new girlfriend. The photographer and his girlfriend stay in a decrepit mountain village occupied by a single old lady. Roaming through the woods is a coven of witches who kidnap the travelers and abuse them in magic rituals.

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