Murder in the Red Barn

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Murder in the Red Barn – 1935 – England

Murder in the Red Barn is based on a real murder committed in England in 1827. A man named Squire is the conniving, degenerate magistrate of a small village. He seduces a young woman named Maria and promises to marry her but never does. To pay his excessive gambling debts, he marries a rich widow instead. When Maria discovers she is pregnant, she threatens Squire, promising to reveal their sordid affair. In response, Squire takes her to the titular “red barn”, shoots her, and buries her corpse in the floor. The racist villagers blame a young gypsy named Carlos and organize a manhunt for him. Squire and his gambling buddies lead the mob, wagering on who will fire the killing shot. They find Carlos and chase him to the red barn. As he is about to be killed, one of the hunting hounds digs at the floor. He uncovers Maria’s body along with the murder weapon: Squire’s monogrammed pistol. On the day of Squire’s execution, the hangman calls in sick. Carlos volunteers to take his place.

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