Just for the Hell of It

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Just for the Hell of It – 1968 – United States

Scene 1: Teens dance at a party to arrhythmic discordant jazz music. One pours a bowl of water over another’s head. The wet teen flips out and smashes furniture. The others join and commence to devastate an apartment for (literally) 15 minutes.

Opening Credits: A folk singer rasps a song called “Destruction” (written by director Herschell Gordon Lewis) over a lame painted title card.

Scene 2: An awesome, grinding, psychedelic rock band plays at a bar. These guys are great—they should jam at my next virgin sacrifice party. Teens slouch and talk in a mixture of hip lingo and southern accents (it’s set in Florida).

Scene 3: The teens leave the bar and cruise around (in a sweet Mustang) causing trouble. This continues for the rest of the movie. The list of atrocities is massive and shockingly hilarious.  A newspaper is lit on fire as a woman reads it, a baby is thrown into a trashcan and his stroller is smashed, a man is painted blue, an old woman gets a pie in the face, a blind man is beat with his cane, a crippled man is beat with his crutches, a group of toddlers are assaulted—and this is hardly all inclusive.

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