Night of the Cobra Woman

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Night of the Cobra Woman – 1972 – United States/Philippines

Night of the Cobra Woman is an American and Filipino co-production by Roger Corman’s New World Pictures. It stars the spunky Joy Bang (also in Messiah of Evil) in her only leading role.

In the flashback opening set during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines, two nurses are gathering herbs in the jungle. One is bitten by a mythical breed of cobra and transforms into a snake-woman. The other is raped and shot by a soldier. In the present, an American student is studying snake venom in Manila. As her boyfriend (apparently named “Duff”) helps conduct research, he is poisoned by the magic cobra and enters a sexual vampiric symbiosis with the snake-woman. To maintain their eternal youth, the pair must constantly find new victims for the snake-woman to screw. The remainder of the flick is hard to follow, but eventually the snake-woman changes completely into a snake, and Duff becomes her sacred keeper.

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