The Mad Doctor of Blood Island

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The Mad Doctor of Blood Island – 1968 – Philippines

Before The Mad Doctor of Blood Island starts, the audience is encouraged to take the Oath of the Green Blood. This involves drinking a test tube of green liquid. Apparently, the liquid prevents people from transforming into monsters as they watch Mad Doctor of Blood Island. It is also an aphrodisiac.

In Mad Doctor of Blood Island’s first scene, a naked woman runs through the jungle before being killed by a ghoulish green monster. Next, a boat of Americans arrives on the isolated Blood Island. The tropical island is populated by primitive villagers and a mad scientist. Each of the American visitors has their own agenda. One is a doctor investigating rumors of green-blooded people. One is a woman seeking her estranged father. One is a former islander who has come to take his mother away. In various ways, these people become entwined with the island’s mad scientist. While trying to cure leukemia, the scientist injected some of the islanders with chlorophyll, changing them into grotesque plant-human hybrids. The scientist callously continues to experiment, creating more horrible monsters.

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