Tokyo Tribe

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Tokyo Tribe – 2014 – Japan

In the decaying ghettos of Tokyo, flamboyant gangbangers sell drugs, run brothels, kill each other, and rap. The police are powerless and corrupt, and anarchy reigns. The strongest gang is Wu-Ronz, lead by the sadistic Yakuza boss Big Buppa. He sexually abuses, kills, and eats high school girls, and might worship Satan. He carries around a giant glass dildo. One of his sons is a wormy effeminate man who uses slaves as furniture. His other son is a psychotic muscleman who wears a thong and is really insecure about his penis size. The protagonists are a gang called Saru. They are a friendly bunch of dudes who just want to spread the message of love, peace, and hip-hop. They chill at a diner called Penny’s (not Denny’s) and flirt with the waitress. When their homie is murdered by Wu-Ronz, they start a rumble which triggers a war between all of Tokyo’s gangs.

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