The Willies

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The Willies – 1990 – United States

The Willies is a comedic horror anthology that might be for children. It is writer/director Brian Peck’s only relevant credit, with a cast of little-known television actors. Watch for a teenage Sean Astin of Lord of the Rings fame.

Three kids camp out and swap gross stories. The highlights are the revolting retellings of the well-known urban legends The Kentucky Fried Rat and The Microwaved Pet. Seeing a sloppy fat woman chow on a deep-fried rodent is nasty (“She probably got the urge to regurge.”), as is a poodle exploding into vomit-like foam. The other stories are less amusing. An old man is scared to death in an amusement park ride. A monster masquerades as a janitor to kill bullies and teachers. A sadistic kid captures flies and poses them in dioramas. Of course, the flies eventually grow gigantic off mutant fertilizer and get bloody revenge.

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