Puppet Master: Axis of Evil

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Puppet Master: Axis of Evil – 2010 – United States

Puppet Master: Axis of Evil is the 9th entry in the Puppet Master series. It is set in 1939, immediately following the suicide of Andre Toulon in the first Puppet Master movie. Clips from the original Puppet Master are shown.

Danny Coogan is a young man who desperately wants to enlist in the U.S. Army and kill Nazis. After suffering from polio, he has a permanent limp and cannot serve, which has made him depressed and bitter. He meets the puppet maker Andre Toulon just before Toulon’s mysterious suicide. After Toulon’s death, Danny investigates the old man’s puppets and discovers their magic secret. He also discovers a Nazi plot to blow up an American bomb factory. With the help of his girlfriend and Toulon’s living puppets, Danny busts up a Nazi and Japanese spy ring. The movie ends on a cliffhanger, setting up a sequel that I’ll probably never watch.

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