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Fascination – 1979 – France

In 1905, a thief on the lam hides in a chateau. Its only occupants are two strange sylph-like lesbians, whom the thief holds hostage. The pair seems amused. They play frivolous pranks and make love, but occasionally speak morosely of a reunion with “death” at midnight. Meanwhile, the thief’s murderous enemies track him to the chateau and attack. One of the strange women dons a black robe and wields a scythe to slaughter the invaders. Following the bloodbath, night falls and other women arrive. They play parlor games with the thief, alternately seducing and threatening him. At midnight, they reveal themselves to be a blood-drinking cult with intent to kill. The thief flees, along with one of the women, who spontaneously claims to love him. They escape, but the woman knifes the thief and returns to the cult.

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