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Goth – 2003 – United States

In Goth’s opening scene, a young woman named Crissy wakes up amid the remains of a frat party. She is covered in blood and everyone is dead. The rest of the movie is a flashback. Crissy and her boyfriend Boone go to a metal concert at a goth nightclub. There they meet a woman named Gothe (pronounced “goth”) who offers them a drug called “white light”. Gothe is scantily dressed, covered in tattoos, and possibly deranged. Crissy and Boone take the drug, which is supposed to induce a near death experience. They awake in the back of Gothe’s van surrounded by candles, concert posters, and plastic skulls.

Driven by an unseen driver, Crissy and Boone ride around the city with Gothe in her van. Boone wants to leave, but Crissy insists on staying. Meanwhile, Gothe imbibes massive quantities of booze and drugs. She rants about the three rules of being goth. “One: Embrace the darkness. Two: Kill your fear. Three: Live for death.” It soon becomes apparent that she is totally insane and Crissy and Boone are her hostages.

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