I Bury the Living

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I Bury the Living – 1958 – United States

Robert Kraft reluctantly takes a job as manager of the Immortal Hills cemetery. On his office wall is a huge map of the cemetery filled with pushpins. Plots marked with white pins have been sold but are unoccupied, while plots marked with black pins contain bodies. Examining the map, Robert accidentally replaces a white pin with a black pin. When the grave’s owner dies the next day, it seems like a fluke .When the same coincidence happens again, Robert suspects the map has supernatural powers. He tells anyone who will listen but no one believes him. Trying to prove his claims to the police, he inadvertently kills others. Wracked with guilt, he attempts to bring his victims back to life by replacing the black pins with white ones. The next morning, Robert finds that the graves of his victims have been mysteriously dug up. This is never really explained. The film’s unbelievable twist ending reveals that the cemetery’s kooky old Scottish caretaker actually murdered most of the map’s supposed victims. The police also faked some of the deaths to make Robert believe in the paranormal map. Somehow this was supposed to trick the caretaker into revealing himself as the killer. Huh?

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