Lisa and the Devil

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Lisa and the Devil – 1973 – Italy/Spain

An Italian tourist named Lisa gets lost in Toledo, Spain. Wandering the ancient labyrinthine streets, she encounters outlandish and menacing characters. As night falls, she hitches a ride in a wealthy couple’s curiously antiquated car. The car breaks down, forcing Lisa and the couple to stay at a mysterious villa. Residing in the villa is an eccentric blind countess, her childish adult son, and her ominously cheerful butler. Lisa met the butler while lost earlier and is disturbed by the likeness of his face to a fresco of Satan she saw while sightseeing. As the night progresses, the guests enter into a hallucinatory twilight zone. The villa’s sinister history unravels as Lisa dreams of a woman who looks identical to her. The dreams and reality merge as phantoms manifest and people are murdered and replaced with manikins.

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