The Demon Rat (La rata maldita)

February 21, 2016 at 6:55 pm (3 Heads, Demon Rat) (, , , , )

The Demon Rat – 1992 – Mexico

In the near future, Earth is spoiled by rampant pollution. Everyone wears respirators and sunglasses to protect against smog and ultraviolet radiation. Manatees, penguins, and otters are extinct. A school teacher is undergoing a nasty divorce from her industrialist husband. Meanwhile, her husband’s company dumps plutonium in a river. The plutonium spawns a killer mutant rat (more like a furry dwarf, actually). The rat invades the teacher’s house, eats her poodle, and tries to kill her. The teacher and her ecologist boyfriend team up and shoot the rat with a gun.

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