The Alligator People

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The Alligator People – 1959 – United States

The Alligator People is a horror/sci-fi flick with pathos. Opening with a shot of murky swampland, the credits roll and the tone is set: mysterious and sinister. Receiving a strange telegram on his wedding night, a man flees his new wife, never to return. Distraught, the wife searches his school records, tracking him to his childhood home—an isolated manor in the bayou. Visiting, the wife is shunned by the manor’s lady, a shifty widow who denies knowing the husband. Meanwhile, deep in the swamp, men are fused with alligators in a hidden laboratory. I’ll stop there—I’d hate to spoil it, especially the ending, which doesn’t pull any punches, but you genre-heads can probably figure what goes down.

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