Brides of Blood

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Brides of Blood – 1968 – Philippines

Celebrating this blog’s historic 300th post, I will review the Blood Island Trilogy. The Blood Island Trilogy is probably my favorite horror trilogy. However, the only other horror trilogy I can think of is Trilogy of Terror (1974).

On a Peace Corps mission, a biologist, his sexually frustrated wife, and a civil engineer take a ship to Blood Island. This primitive Pacific island was irradiated by atomic bomb tests and now has mutant trees with tentacles. The natives live in superstitious fear of a humanoid plant monster with superhuman strength. Every night, they sacrifice young women for the monster to pointlessly dismember. Also on the island is a handsome fifty year old aristocrat who looks thirty. He lives in a villa with his team of dwarf servants. The Peace Corps members befriend the aristocrat and discover that he transforms into the monster during his epileptic fits. Eventually, the civil engineer unites the fearful natives against the monster. They try to incinerate the monster with torches, but are only successful after he seemingly surrenders, complacently waiting to die in a burning building.

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