Child Bride

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Child Bride – 1938 – United States

This film is tasteless and disturbing.

On Thunderhead Mountain in the Ozarks, “back yonder folk” live in rustic squalor. They wear rags and sleep in shacks. Their only fun is to go swimming or drink corn liquor. Their one room schoolhouse has pigeons in the rafters that defecate on the students. It is tradition for the community’s men to marry “young ‘uns” since “there ain’t enough women”. A (comparatively) cosmopolitan teacher moves into town. She campaigns against child marriage and is nearly tarred and feathered for it. One man wants to marry a particular 11-year-old girl. He murders the girl’s father and blackmails her mother until she consents to the marriage. Thankfully, he is shot to death before the marriage can be consummated. Eventually, child marriage is made illegal.

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