Evil Brain from Outer Space

July 19, 2015 at 2:43 am (5 Heads, Evil Brain from Outer Space) (, , , )

Evil Brain from Outer Space – 1964 – Japan

“On the planet Zemar, a decontrolled robot assassinated the omnipotent Balazar, who was known to possess the most brilliant mind in the universe. So powerful was Balazar’s genius, as he lay dying, his brain ordered built a mechanism that would keep it alive even though his body was destroyed. Now his brain seeks universal conquest.”

So begins the opening narration for Evil Brain from Outer Space. The evil brain lands on Earth and deploys thuggish crooks, freakish mutants, super germs, and a nuclear arsenal. A council of various alien races from the Emerald Planet (including the star-like aliens from Warning from Space) sends Starman to combat this menace. The costumed superhero Starman befriends some children, leaps superhuman distances, and punches out an army of bad guys.

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