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Kimera – 1997 – Japan

Three pod-like spaceships crash in an isolated forest in America. Scientists capture one of the three pod-people. She is Kimera—an androgynous, green-haired, hermaphroditic, nymphomaniac vampire. She can breed with creatures of any gender or species. An ancient alien legend claims that her children will destroy mankind. The other two pod-people are also freakish vampire mutants. One wants to destroy Kimera and save mankind. The other wants to save Kimera and destroy them. Caught in the conflict is a young Japanese man who falls in love with Kimera. The plot climaxes in a bloody showdown inside a church. There are tentacles, cocoons, and giant snakes all over the place, plus an alien gray. In the end, the Japanese man spares Kimera, and they drive into the sunset. He says: “Kimera, I know what you feel for me isn’t love as I know it, but my love for you is real even if the cost is my own soul.” That’s a surprisingly strong sentiment, especially since Kimera never says a word the whole movie.

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