Manos: The Hands of Fate

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Manos: The Hands of Fate – 1966 – United States

A family gets lost in the Texas desert. After a pointless ten minute driving scene, they reach a ranch. Michael, the man of the family, knocks on the door to ask for help. He meets the satyr-like Torgo who famously claims, “I take care of the house while the Master is away.” Michael insists that he and his family stay the night, even though every other character in the film is against it. Living in the house is a pagan cult. The Master and his many wives conduct rituals to Manos, the “god of primal darkness”. During the night, the family dog is killed by a bigger dog and Michael’s wife is sexually harassed by Torgo. Meanwhile, the Master abuses Torgo (because he grovels pathetically), and the Master’s wives have a big catfight. Eventually, Torgo is massaged (?) to death, Michael’s daughter and wife are married to the Master, and Michael is the Master’s brainwashed slave.

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