Dead Silence

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Dead Silence – 2007 – United States

A young couple mysteriously receives a puppet (named Billy) in the mail. That night, the husband (Jamie) returns home to find his wife dead with her tongue torn out. He relates the murder and the puppet to the legend of a ghostly ventriloquist from his hometown of Ravens Fair. Jamie drives (his bitchin’ red muscle car) to Ravens Fair to investigate. Having been away for many years, he discovers that the town has become a decrepit ruin. His estranged father has been paralyzed by a stroke, and has a new (much younger) wife. The superstitious townies refuse to discuss the ghostly ventriloquist, but numerous tongue-less corpses have been attributed to her haunting. Meanwhile, a police detective suspects Jamie for his wife’s murder, and Jamie is tormented by Billy, the diabolic puppet.

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