Hercules and the Captive Women

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Hercules and the Captive Women – 1961 – Italy/France

Hercules and the Captive Women opens with a barroom melee. In the city of Thebes, “good natured brawling is a necessity” “to keep young soldiers ready for battle”. Following this non sequitur, magical crimson mists enshroud Thebes. The king of Thebes summons the council of Grecian rulers, but they are impotent bureaucrats. Without an army, the king voyages off to discover the source of the mist, but not before kidnapping Hercules out of retirement.

After a mutiny and a storm, Hercules and the king reach a barren island and find young maidens encased in stone. The women are Atlantean sacrifices to the sorcerous god Proteus, son of Uranus. Hercules wrestles and kills Proteus, who is actually a shapeshifting dragon-man. Suddenly, Atlantis materializes from the mists. Hercules and the king enter, wherein Hercules is seduced by the Atlantean queen, and the king is brainwashed into an assassin. The conflict soon pits Hercules and his son (who stowed away on the voyage) against a rock of Uranus’s petrified blood, which the Atlanteans use to breed an army of identical blonde super warriors. Following much fighting, Atlantis is destroyed in a volcanic cataclysm.

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