The Terror

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The Terror – 1963 – United States

1806: A French army officer named Andre is separated from his regiment. Wandering France’s coastal wilderness, he encounters a beautiful woman named Helene. She mysteriously vanishes and he scours the countryside for her. Entering an old witch’s secluded hut, Andre asks about Helene. The witch suspiciously denies the mysterious woman’s existence. Later, Andre comes upon the decrepit castle of Baron von Leppe. The melancholy baron knows of Helene and believes she is the ghost of his wife. He regretfully describes how he killed her after a jealous tiff twenty years ago. Andre, obsessed with Helene, refuses to believe she is dead. Despite the witch’s and baron’s efforts to stop him, he investigates further and uncovers the dark history of Castle von Leppe. By the film’s end, the castle is destroyed in a flood, the baron drowns, the witch is struck by lightning, and Helene’s face melts off.

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