The Guyver

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The Guyver – 1991 – United States

“At the beginning of time, aliens came to Earth to create the ultimate organic weapon. They created Mankind. By planting a special gene into Man, they created the ZOANOIDS—humans who can change at will into super monster soldiers.

“Eons later, the Zoanoid leader, called the ZOALORD, has awakened and formed the Chronos Corporation to further develop the Zoanoid technology for world domination.

“Among the alien remains was found the ‘Unit’—a bio-boosted alien armor. Worn by the aliens, it serves as an ordinary shield. If the wearer is human, it increases his natural powers a hundredfold—he becomes the ‘GUYVER’.”

So begins The Guyver’s opening narration. In the seedy alleys of Los Angeles, a teenager finds an alien gizmo in the trash. It is a suit of living armor that fuses with his body, transforming him into a badass martial artist. The Chronos Corporation, lead by a three-eyed man with psychic powers, wants the armor. They send thugs that morph into monsters to retrieve it. Martial arts battles ensue. Mark Hamill plays a heroic rogue FBI agent. The distinctive Michael Berryman plays a mutant thug (yet again).

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