The Snow Creature

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The Snow Creature – 1954 – United States

A botanist, a photographer, and their Sherpa guide explore the Himalayas. When the guide learns of his wife’s abduction by a yeti, he forces the explorers at gunpoint to rescue her. They trek for days through the frozen mountains as the yeti harasses them by causing avalanches. They reach the yeti’s lair too late. The guide’s wife is dead, although no one seems too concerned. However, the explorers catch the yeti and take him to America for study.

The yeti flies to Los Angeles in a refrigerated box that injects him with drugs. He is detained by the Department of Immigration. They insist that the yeti is human-like and shouldn’t be allowed to enter the U.S. without a passport. In the meantime, the yeti escapes. He stalks the sewer system with the police in pursuit. They eventually shoot him dead. In the last scene, one of the policemen becomes a father. Congratulations!

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