A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell

October 18, 2010 at 2:42 am (8 Heads, Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell) (, , , , , )

A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell – 1989 – United States

Despite sharing a naming convention with Todd Sheet’s Prehistoric Bimbos in Armageddon City (1991), A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell is an earnest post-apocalypse fantasy effort, even if Troma Entertainment’s inappropriate gag name and tacky intro with Troma in-jokes might make you believe otherwise. Obviously renamed for distribution, A Nymphoid Barbarian is a sci-fi/fantasy epic in the vein of She (1982), The Warrior and the Sorceress (1984), or even Yor, the Hunter from the Future (1983).

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