Horrors of Malformed Men

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Horrors of Malformed Men – 1969 – Japan

An amnesiac surgeon named Hirosuke is locked in a Tokyo insane asylum. After killing another inmate (a deranged monk) in self-defense, he escapes. Outside, Hirosuke encounters a circus magician with a mysterious connection to his forgotten past, but the magician gets murdered and Hirosuke is framed for it. Fleeing Tokyo, he reaches a seaside town where a wealthy local businessman named Genzaburo has just died. Hirosuke discovers that he is the dead man’s doppelganger, even down to the swastika scar on the bottom of his foot. Hirosuke impersonates Genzaburo, surprising everyone with his sudden resurrection. As he grows ensnared in Genzaburo’s life, he discovers that he is actually Genzaburo’s lost brother. He also learns of a mysterious island where his father lives in isolation. Hirosuke is forbidden by his family to go there, but goes anyway.

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