Dead Body Man

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Dead Body Man – 2004 – United States

In the first ten minutes of Dead Body Man, a man pretends to be mentally handicapped and picks up a prostitute. Back at his place, he beats her with a hammer and has sex with her. Then he shoots her, butchers her body while wacky accordion music plays, and sells the meat to a cannibal. The cannibal complains about the meat and says, “Go to a school and get some little girls.” Dead Body Man continues in this vein for ninety more minutes. Each scene struggles to reach a higher level of bad taste but never does.

Dead Body Man is an amateur horror movie about Willie, a schizophrenic serial killer who wears a Freddy Krueger sweater. He kills people at the insistence of God who lives in his closet and talks like Homer Simpson. He also sexually harasses women, screams at himself, and says “fuck” a lot. He has a conjoined twin and goes to a counseling group for serial killers. It’s supposed to be a comedy.

Dead Body Man wants to be disgusting and in-your-face, but it can’t even succeed at this simple goal. In his rambling vulgar dialogue, Willie talks about necrophilia, bestiality, and sodomizing people with power tools, but he never actually does any of these things. Instead, he kills his parade of victims in the same mundane ways (guns, knives, chainsaws, etc.). The gore effects are lousy too. The movie wants to be extreme so badly, but its just boring. Its kind of sad really.

Women, gays, mentally handicapped people, Christians, and people of good taste might find Dead Body Man offensive, but probably not. The movie is just too unintelligent to make anyone really mad.

Rating: 1/10 Shrunken Heads. God is played by a porn actress. She displays full frontal nudity.


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