Followed Home

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Followed Home – 2010 – United States

Four twenty-something friends rent a cabin at rustic Bear Lake in California. They flirt, make jokes, and play drinking games. Their fun is interrupted when a woman with multiple stab wounds staggers onto their porch, bleeds everywhere, and dies. The vacationers rush her to a hospital, but it is too late. The killer is not caught. Disturbed by this turn of events, the group of friends cancel their vacation. Back home, they suffer from depression and anxiety after the horrific happening. Each struggles to cope in their own way. Meanwhile the killer has followed them back and begins knifing and strangling them one by one.

For a slasher movie, Followed Home has very little slashing in it. Only one of the five murders takes place on screen and the killer himself (a faceless guy in a hoodie) appears for less than ten minutes. There are no cat-and-mouse chases and no “final girl”. The movie ends abruptly as the killer breaks into the last victim’s home. The audience is left to presume that everyone dies and the killer escapes.

Followed Home is really about its four characters. Most of the movie is spent developing them and exploring their psychological states following the traumatic vacation. Their dialogue seems very natural and is occasionally funny. The characters don’t always behave realistically, but they are interesting and likable. The acting is pretty good for a low budget movie of this sort. There is a stupid joke where a guy craps in the woods and has to wipe with a sock.

In the middle of Followed Home’s credits is a fake vlog video where a woman babbles inanely about her life. During this, the killer appears and drags her away.

Followed Home has a bad soundtrack of tuneless rock music. Amusingly, all the droning songs are by a band actually called Dronen.

Rating: 6/10 Shrunken Heads. A character watches The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues (1955) on television.


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