Legend of the Blue Wolves

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Legend of the Blue Wolves – 1996 – Japan

In the year 2199, mankind has colonized the solar system. Using powered armor suits, they wage war against robotic alien invaders called the Apocalypse. Jonathan Tyberius and Leonard Schteinberg are mecha pilots and roommates on a military space station. When Jonathan is raped by his abusive (and morbidly obese) commanding officer, Leonard rescues him and castrates the rapist. Afterward, the two form a close bond which becomes a romance. Eventually, Leonard is sent on a mission and never returns, and Jonathan later encounters him on the battlefield. Leonard’s body has been absorbed into one of the invader’s biomechanical war machines and Jonathan must destroy it.

Legend of the Blue Wolves is a strange combination of sci-fi mecha anime and gay porn. Although the movie features several hardcore sex scenes (all between men), its characters and setting are actually pretty well developed. More than the aliens, the real villain is Jonathan’s predatory commanding officer, and the scene where Leonard castrates him is gross but rewarding. Jonathan and Leonard are likable characters with an endearing friendship and sexual relationship. Sort of. Apparently Jonathan looks exactly like Leonard’s deceased younger brother, which is a little creepy.

That being said, Legend of the Blue Wolves is still porn, and it panders to a kinky audience. The sexual abuse and rape are disturbing. Also, one scene depicts a possibly underage teen masturbating, although not explicitly.

Legend of the Blue Wolves has simple but attractive animation. The mecha battles look surprisingly cool.

Rating: 5/10 Shrunken Heads. Legend of the Blue Wolves was intended to be the first episode of a series. The rest was either never produced or never translated to English. It’s hard to say.


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