Violence Jack

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Violence Jack – 1986/1988/1990 – Japan

The Violence Jack series comprises three anime movies about the grisly exploits of Violence Jack. Jack is a giant man with giant muttonchops who (to quote the narrator) “arbitrarily dispenses death with the razor edge of a jack knife”. He might be a supernatural servant of Hell, but it’s unclear. Japan has been destroyed by a comet, and Jack wanders the post-apocalyptic wasteland chopping up giant bikers, giant mutants, and other Mad Max-style freaks.

Slum King is first in the series. Violence Jack battles Slum King (a samurai warlord), Harlem Bomber (a dude with a metal jaw), and some thugs who sell women as sex slaves. In the bloody finale, Jack fights Harlem Bomber in the middle of a tornado and is struck by lighting. Afterward, he transforms into a golden bird and flies away.

Hell Town is next. Three gangs battle for control of a subterranean city called Evil Town. When Violence Jack is accidentally freed from his tomb, he becomes embroiled in the conflict. He must choose sides between a cruel authoritarian government, a gang of sadistic mutants, and a utopia of beautiful women who are all really nice. Guess which he chooses. Everyone else dies.

Last is Hell’s Wind. Some bikers chainsaw a woman’s boyfriend to pieces in front of her and then rape her. She vows revenge and trains to become a badass warrior. Violence Jack joins her and they kill everyone in the biker gang.

The Violence Jack series is tasteless and despicable, but it isn’t boring. Each scene is loaded with violence, sexual abuse, and hilariously foul-mouthed dialogue. A man actually exclaims, “Where the hell is that fucking chickenshit? Fuck it! Shit! Fuck! Fuck! Shit!” Children are shot, stabbed, gorily dismembered, and forced to eat roaches. Nearly every woman is raped at one point or another.

Hell Town (the second episode) is infamous for its graphic rape scenes. Blood streams from a woman’s genitals as she is assaulted. A woman is impaled through the crotch with a wooden stake. A woman pisses herself as she is strangled. Yet another woman is raped by a hermaphrodite. A man eats his girlfriend’s dead body and transforms into a monster. Did I mention that lots of children are killed?

Violence Jack is shocking, gross, and amoral for the sake of it. It will probably appeal most to thirteen year old boys who should never be allowed to watch it anyway. Perhaps the most distasteful thing about Violence Jack (other that its disrespectful treatment of women) is that there are hardly any characters that aren’t morally reprehensible. The few that exist are mostly helpless and get raped or killed. The titular hero Jack is a psychopath who murders the “bad guys” in an ecstatic frenzy. In one instance, a woman is raping another woman. He grabs the rapist and tears her in half while guffawing happily.

Violence Jack is based on a comic by Go Nagai, creator of Cutey Honey (about a sexy female superhero) and Mazinger Z (about a giant robot).

Rating: 1/10 Shrunken Heads. I don’t actually hate Violence Jack, but good taste prevents me from rating it any higher.


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