Blood Cult

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Blood Cult – 1985 – United States

Four sorority girls are eviscerated by a cleaver-wielding murderer. The investigating sheriff links the murders to a witchcraft cult, then discovers the killer cultist is his own daughter. Wearing a severed dog’s head as mask, she kills her boyfriend and then leaps off a building. Sorry if this plot summary is vague. The DVD I watched had no sound for the last 30 minutes so I had to make a few things up.

Blood Cult is an amateurish shot-on-video slasher flick. Its only unusual element is its protagonist. Sheriff Ron is a pudgy man in his sixties who doesn’t carry a gun and looks like Harry Caray. He’s a nice enough guy, but mostly wants to solve the murders before they negatively impact his reelection campaign. At one point, he suggests the murderers might be Dungeons & Dragons players.

Blood Cult has some ghastly (if unimaginative) murders. The killer cuts apart her victims and steals their limbs. In one scene she beats someone to death with a severed head. The movie has no nudity, but the killer does spend a lot of time smooching her boyfriend. For the record, he’s really pretentious and a dork.

Rating: 4/10 Shrunken Heads. One police officer describes a cult that tried to “resurrect Peter Lorre’s body”. This is my cult.

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