Hawk the Slayer

April 17, 2017 at 1:48 am (6 Heads, Hawk the Slayer) (, , , )

Hawk the Slayer – 1980 – England

A noble swordsman named Hawk battles his deformed brother Voltan to save a kidnapped priestess. Hawk wields the “mindsword” which he controls telekentically. It has a glowing fist for a pommel. He teams up with a giant, an elf, a blind witch, a guy with a semi-automatic crossbow, and a conniving dwarf. Impressively, the dwarf fishes by slapping fish out of a lake with his whip. In the climactic showdown, Voltan is killed but is resurrected by an evil ghost. A sequel is suggested but hasn’t materialized.

Hawk the Slayer is a fun sword-and-sorcery flick with exciting battles, weird characters, and flashy magic. Each spell is accompanied by scintillating rainbow light. Groovy! One useful spell encases a person in silly string. Hawk’s costumes and locations look nice, but the action is confined to some misty woods and a medieval church. Some matte paintings help spice things up.

Hawk’s awesome soundtrack combines orchestral music with disco. It creates the perfect epic yet campy vibe.

Rating: 6/10 Shrunk Heads. Jack Palance plays Voltan and overacts like crazy. Hawk’s actor barely acts at all.


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