Before I Die

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Before I Die – 2003 – United States

Before I Die
is a horror anthology movie about a horror writer (with an interesting regional accent) who is writing a short story collection. One story is about a nymphomaniac who transforms into a humanoid spider and devours her sex partners. Approaching her victims, she licks her lips salaciously and says, “I love men. Yummy!” Another story is about some newlyweds at a haunted resort. Mostly they have sex in various swimming pools, but a ghost eventually appears. The last story is about a woman being killed by an asylum escapee. The movie ends with the writer becoming so entranced with his own horror fantasies that he inadvertently murders his wife.

Before I Die is an amateur effort without much imagination. I really dig the anthology format, but these lightweight stories are mostly an excuse for a lot of sex. Although the numerous lengthy sex scenes are graphic, Before I Die has very little explicit nudity. However, if you fantasize about screwing in a swimming pool, this movie is for you. I was surprised that one story features a large woman in many erotically charged scenes. Thankfully, it seems like the intention is to be sexy, not funny and mean-spirited.

Rating: 4/10 Shrunken Heads. Shot on location in Brandon, Florida.


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