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Invitation – 2003 – United States

Some kids are playing sandlot baseball. During the game, a dorky fat kid runs into the street and is killed by a truck. Years later, the other kids become adults and are invited to a mysterious reunion. They spend the weekend at a spooky inn run by a sinister caretaker. The inn is haunted by ghostly children. The guests drink beer, roast marshmallows, and swap childhood anecdotes. One by one, they are tormented and murdered by the ghosts. After everyone dies, it is revealed that the ghost of the dorky fat kid did it all for revenge.

Invitation starts promisingly enough. Its first half is filled with lots of dialogue and character development. Effort is made to give everyone a distinctive personality. Unfortunately, the movie’s second half throws all of that away as the characters pointlessly run around and get killed. There are lots of silly jump scares and horrific (but nonsensical) imagery. Nothing makes any sense. Who are these ghosts? Why do they want to kill? Why is it is so foggy inside the house?

Every young female character is topless at some point. An old woman is buried up to her neck and her head is run over by a rototiller. The final scene has seizure-inducing strobe lights.

Invitation needs a better title. Searching it on Google will bring up The Invitation (another horror movie also from 2003).

Rating: 4/10 Shrunken Heads. The credits give special thanks to “Ma’s Elmira Inn – Home of the Potato Burger”. The Elmira Inn is now called the Railside Bar & Grill but is still open and still serving that tasty potato burger.


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