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Manborg – 2011 – United States

Following the Hell Wars, Nazi vampires from Hell (who look like cenobites from Hellraiser) enslave humanity. Manborg is a cyborg gladiator incarcerated by the vampires in a high-tech prison. He teams up with Justice (a wise-cracking Australian), Mina (a blue-haired girl who looks like an anime character), and #1 Man (a martial artist) to destroy Count Draculon and his legions of vampires, mutants, and robots.

Manborg is an ambitious special effects extravaganza on a shoestring budget. Its in-your-face visual style combines elements of 80s sci-fi flicks (Terminator, Robocop, Cyborg), comic books, anime, and video games (especially Mortal Kombat). Manborg takes a “more is more” approach to special effects. The entire film was shot in front of a green screen, and every frame is dense with hyperactive digital effects and stop motion animation. The movie is cheaply made, but looks incredible due to the virtuosic detail layered in its images.

For a movie as excessive as Manborg, its comedic elements are surprisingly understated. Manborg is socially awkward yet full of sassy attitude, and the other characters are also comically weird, but there are few actual jokes. In my favorite moment, Manborg is dying and a ghost appears to warn him, “There is no Heaven.” Every line of dialogue is overdubbed and the voice acting is outrageous. #1 Man’s voice doesn’t even remotely fit his appearance.

Following the movie is a trailer for a (fake) movie called Bio-Cop about a depressed mutant police officer. There is also a rambling anti-piracy warning in English and French.

Rating: 8/10 Shrunken Heads. The actor interviews on the DVD are great. The interviewer eats and takes his clothes off. One actor interviews himself.


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