When Heaven Comes Down

January 16, 2017 at 11:19 pm (3 Heads, When Heaven Comes Down) (, , )

When Heaven Comes Down – 2002 – United States

The Savior is a serial killer in a mask, a trench coat, and a crazy wig. He is looking for a morally pure woman to “carry his seed”, and kills anyone that does not meet his expectations. He kidnaps a woman named Sam, but she resists, which leads to the Savior’s capture and incarceration.

Three years later, Sam struggles to put the traumatic event behind her. She copes by leading a support group for abused women. She also has a nice boyfriend, but is scared to become physically intimate with him. Soon, a Savior copycat begins murdering women and Sam becomes his target.

When Heaven Comes Down is an amateurish slasher film with an extremely low budget. The premise is generic, the plot lacks logic, the acting is awkward, and the sound is terrible. The killer’s identity is intended to be a secret, but it is pretty obvious. There is a ridiculous twist where the real Savior breaks out of prison and confronts the copycat.

The strength of When Heaven Comes Down is its protagonist, Sam. She is practical, tough, and sympathetic. Her fear of the Savior and her attempts to combat him are believable. Sam’s actress delivers the most convincing performance in the movie, which isn’t saying much.

Rating: 3/10 Shrunken Heads. As the body count rises, various characters insist, “We should call the police!” No one ever does.

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