Devil Times Five

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Devil Times Five – 1974 – United States

Five psychotic kids escape a children’s psychiatric ward during a blizzard. They travel through the mountains on foot and reach a snowbound mansion. Pretending to be survivors of a car crash, they ingratiate themselves with the mansion’s adult occupants. The adults try to get help for the kids, but the phones are down and the roads are closed. As days pass, the adults suspect there might be more to these kids than meets the eye. Around this time, the kids begin murdering everyone with homemade weapons and traps.

Devil Times Five is about a bunch of weirdoes. The kids include a girl who thinks she is a nun, a boy who thinks he is a soldier, a pyromaniac, a megalomaniac transvestite (played by a young Leif Garrett), and a seemingly normal girl who loves her stuffed animal. The adult characters are just as weird. The mansion’s owner (named Papa Doc) collects guns and owns a piranha tank. His servant is an autistic man with pet rabbits. His wife (named Lovely) is a nymphomaniac. The adults might all be mobsters, but it’s not clear. In one very awkward scene, Lovely tries unsuccessfully to seduce the autistic man.

With its cartoonish characters and situations, Devil Times Five is more comedic than disturbing. The kids commit their ingenious murders with a scythe, a noose, a harpoon, bear traps, and a bathtub full of piranhas. All the while, they make weird jokes and laughable threats. Their whistled theme music is probably supposed to be ominous but is kind of cheerful.

In the end, the kids kill everyone and then head out to find more victims. The ending title card says “The Beginning”.

Rating: 5/10 Shrunken Heads. The film’s alternate title is Peopletoys. I’m unsure if that sounds really cool or really silly.

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