Fire and Ice

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Fire and Ice – 1983 – United States

The king of a glacier-castle and the king of a volcano-castle are at war. When his girlfriend is kidnapped, a barbarian invades the glacier-castle and defeats an evil sorcerer to rescue her.

Fire and Ice is an animated film directed Ralph Bakshi. Bakshi collaborated with artist Frank Frazetta to devise the story and characters. Frazetta’s contribution is obvious. The film’s muscular semi-nude hero, the busty semi-nude heroine, and the exotic wilderness landscapes would be at home in any of Frazetta’s paintings.

Fire and Ice has a lightweight plot with very little dialogue and characterization, but its awesome visuals more than accommodate. The animated characters are traced from live actors in a process called rotoscoping. The resulting animation is fluid and dynamic, instilling even the monstrous Neanderthals and dinosaurs with uncanny realism. The film’s hand-painted backgrounds (in the style of Frazetta) also look incredible. The volcanic mountains, icy wastes, jungle vistas, and mushroom forests have more personality than any of the characters.

The Fire and Ice DVD has an excellent “making of” featurette. Seeing the arduous animation process made me forgive the few scenes with recycled animation.

Rating: 6/10 Shrunken Heads. No one in Fire and Ice wears very many clothes. This is especially ludicrous since half the film takes place in tundra.


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