Electronic Lover

December 12, 2016 at 1:58 am (3 Heads, Electronic Lover) (, , )

Electronic Lover – 1966 – United States

A man named Master lives in a room with a mainframe computer. The room has curtains for walls, so it might be a tent. He gives his mute servant (named Brother) a portable camera and orders him to spy on women. Brother takes the camera around the city and records women undressing, taking showers, and having sex. Master watches the camera’s wireless feed. Dripping sweat and never blinking, he raves about beautiful women and verbally abuses Brother. Occasionally, he takes breaks to ruminate about love, have vivid sexual hallucinations, make out with his reflection in a mirror, and practice archery. After watching some people frolic naked through the woods, Master sobs and calls for his mother. Then he stabs himself to death with an arrow.

Electronic Lover is a softcore porno. Viewed in a modern context, the film seems to comment on how computers enable people to communicate, but still isolate them from each other. For example, a person might follow their friends on social media, but never really talk with them. But Electronic Lover is not really about any of that. It is a pornographic response to the rise of computing and the launching of the Telstar communication satellites.

Rating: 3/10 Shrunken Heads. The film’s groovy music is performed by a band called The Fludd. Dig that organ!


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