The H-Man

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The H-Man – 1958 – Japan

When a drug smuggler disappears, police detectives try to track him down. They assume that he was murdered by his underworld connections, but he is actually the victim of radioactive slime monsters. These monsters (called H-Men) are the result of fallout from hydrogen bomb testing. They can transform between humanoid and liquid form, and their touch dissolves people and absorbs them (psyche and all). The drug smuggler’s girlfriend, a young scientist, and the police team up to destroy the H-Men.

The H-Man was produced by Toho Studios (of Godzilla fame) and directed by Ishiro Honda (also of Godzilla fame). Like Godzilla (1954), H-Man has impressive special effects. The images of people melting and dissolving are grisly, and the humanoid H-Men have a unique ghostly look. Scenes of slime flowing under doors and along walls are similar to The Blob (1958), which was released the same year.

Also like Godzilla, H-Man has a strong anti-nuclear message. The film’s final scene proclaims, “If Earth was covered in radioactive fallout and mankind faced extinction, the next species to rule the planet could very well be the H-Men.” Throughout the film, it is clear that the real enemy is the hydrogen bomb. One character explores an abandoned ship in a bomb testing site. He discovers melted corpses and has a harrowing close encounter with the H-Men. He escapes but suffers radiation sickness and is hospitalized.

Rating: 6/10 Shrunken Heads. The Japanese title is Beauty and the Liquid Men, but it really is a serious film.


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