Cemetery of Terror

October 16, 2016 at 11:31 pm (2 Heads, Cemetery of Terror) (, , , , , )

Cemetery of Terror – 1985 – Mexico

College students party in an abandoned house beside a cemetery on Halloween. They find a book of Satanic rituals and decide to try one out. This involves stealing a corpse from a morgue, which happens to be the corpse of a serial killer. After the ritual, the killer comes to life and murders all the students by tearing their guts out with his deformed claw-like hands. Meanwhile, some trick-or-treaters get trapped in the cemetery. The killer raises a legion of (really unthreatening) zombies to chase them around ineffectually. A crazy paranormal investigator comes to the rescue, and the Satanic book is burnt up in a fire.

Like its generic title, Cemetery of Terror is really bland. The plot, characters, sets, and effects are unimaginative, and the film has no sense of style. In the most interesting scene, the trick-or-treaters are terrified by a grave that opens and emits gouts of flame. These kids spend most of the film shrieking and running around, which is at least realistic.

Cemetery of Terror features many scenes of its characters drinking delicious caffeine-free Pepsi Free.

Rating: 2/10 Shrunken Heads. As the trick-or-treaters walk through the graveyard, one trips on a skull and freaks out. Another says, “It’s just a skull. This guy has been dead for over a hundred years.” What the hell kind of graveyard has skulls casually lying all over the place?

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