Mayhem Motel

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Mayhem Motel – 2001- United States

Mayhem Motel
takes place during one night in a sleazy motel. The movie follows various deranged, foul-mouthed, sex-obsessed characters as they try to get laid and occasionally kill each other. In the first 15 minutes, a man carries around a hamper labeled “human organs”, another man vomits while taking a bath (the tub has Easter eggs floating in it, for some reason), and another man gets his crotch shaved by a woman in a Marilyn Monroe costume.

The rest of Mayhem Motel is composed of similarly tasteless vignettes, and there is no actual plot. A man (in American flag boxers) suffocates when a woman makes out with his laryngeal valve. A badly-scarred pimp calls his prostitutes and makes wacky noises through a megaphone into the phone. Mimes have sex. All the men are scumbags and all the women are hookers. The only respectable character is a priest who inexplicably kills himself.

Mayhem Motel is crude and disgusting. There are awkward scenes of sex and masturbation. In the grossest scene, two characters graphically describe various foul sex acts at length. However, Mayhem Motel surprisingly contains almost no nudity. There is more male flesh on display than female flesh, although women are certainly not treated with respect (and all of them get spanked at some point).

Mayhem Motel could be compared to the early films of John Waters. If you think a dude screwing a blowup doll until it pops is funny, then you will probably like Mayhem Motel. Don’t let your parents catch you watching it though.

Rating: 1/10 Shrunken Heads. The corny techno music soundtrack is terrible.

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