Zeiram 2

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Zeiram 2 – 1994 – Japan

Zeiram 2 is a sequel to Zeiram (1991). Iria, the foxy alien bounty hunter, returns to Earth to destroy a robot warrior who hosts the parasitic monster Zeiram. Iria and Zeiram face off in an alternate dimension containing an abandoned industrial complex, a Shinto shrine, and a 370’ tall statue of a woman. They battle with guns, martial arts, force fields, landmines, grappling hooks, heat seeking robotic insects, and a helicopter umbrella. Also present is Bob (Iria’s AI partner) and the two bumbling electricians from the first Zeiram film.

Zeiram 2 has the same writer, director, and actors as its prequel. The two films have a similar blend of sci-fi action (as Iria and Zeiram duel with explosive weaponry) and dumb comedy (as the electricians are haplessly caught in the crossfire). Zeiram 2’s costumes, props, and effects are top notch. Zeiram’s bio-mechanical form vaguely resembles Anubis, the jackal-headed Egyptian deity. In one awesome scene, Iria is trapped by a hundred other bounty hunters. Each has their own unique, strange, and highly detailed costume!

Zeiram 2’s shortcoming is the comedy relief electricians. Their unfunny overlong scenes slow the film’s pace considerably. One moment, Iria is kicking a homing missile out of the air. The next moment, the electricians pointlessly banter about their wives for ten minutes.

Rating: 8/10 Shrunken Heads. The edible space cockroaches make a return. These tasty insect snacks appear in both Zeiram films, as well as Iria: Zeiram the Animation (1994).


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