Sisters of Death

July 25, 2016 at 2:46 am (5 Heads, Sisters of Death) (, )

Sisters of Death – 1976 – United States

Sisters of Death opens with a cult-like sorority initiation. Girls in veils play a ritualized version of Russian roulette. The gun is not supposed to be loaded, but it is (of course) and one girl is shot in the head. The police declare the death an accident and no one goes to jail (which seems unrealistic). Seven years later, the former sorority girls receive mysterious invitations to a reunion at an isolated desert hacienda. The women are suspicious but attend anyway. Upon arriving, they are sealed in by an electric fence, along with the two hapless men who gave them a ride. The hacienda’s owner is the father of the dead sorority girl. He reveals his identity to the women, taunts them, and murders them one by one. Meanwhile, the two men help the women escape.

Sisters of Death has a twisty plot for such a straightforward premise. By the film’s ambiguous ending, it is unclear whether the sorority girl’s death was an accident, murder, or suicide. The plot has some holes, but the women’s entrapment and subsequent escape attempts are pretty exciting.

Unforgivably, Sisters of Death is insulting toward women. While the women do not constantly display T&A (surprisingly), they are helplessly reliant on the two men to save them. At least the tables are turned in the climax. One woman narrowly escapes being perforated by a Gatling gun, and then deftly shoots two people. However, earlier in the film, this same woman has a hyperventilating fit when she sees a tarantula.

Rating: 5/10 Shrunken Heads. Right before Sisters of Death, I watched The Cold (1984). Coincidentally, both movies feature Russian roulette and a tarantula.


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