Drive-In Massacre

July 17, 2016 at 8:58 pm (3 Heads, Drive-In Massacre) (, , , )

Drive-In Massacre – 1977 – United States

A sword-wielding maniac beheads people at a drive-in theater. Two pudgy middle-aged police detectives investigate. The theater was built on the site of a carnival and is staffed by former carnies, but this fact is irrelevant to the plot. The detectives unsuccessfully question a series of mean, seedy, or pathetic suspects. The theater manager cruelly abuses his staff. A peeping tom cracks during interrogation and admits, “I just wanted to beat my meat!” An imbecilic janitor gets fired for helping the detectives. At the plot’s climax, the killer commits a daring murder in the theater’s projection booth. He is never caught and his identity is never revealed. Before the credits, a message warns viewers to be careful while attending drive-in theaters.

Drive-In Massacre is so sloppy it seems unfinished. The scenes are overly long and never advance the plot or develop the characters. The whole film is also pretty bleak. In one scene, the detectives intervene in a hostage situation which is unrelated to the rest of the plot. A man with a knife chases a little girl around a warehouse, threatening to “cut the meanness” out of her. The detectives shoot the man to death and the little girl angrily reprimands them. Apparently the man was her father. He had already killer her mother, and now the girl has no family.

Drive-In Massacre’s monotonous electronic music is pretty bad too.

Rating: 3/10 Shrunken Heads. The two detectives look really similar and have identical personalities. I am unsure if their names are ever mentioned during the film.

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